Fast Track Your Career: Are You Maximizing Your Earning Potential?

This data backs up the guidance we regularly provide when we consult prospective candidates. If you are serious about maximizing your income earning opportunity, you need to do 1 of 2 things. 1) Become an owner of a business, or 2) Make a handful of strategic job and company moves throughout your career. The questions […]

More Candidates = More Informed Hiring Decisions

Here’s how hiring usually goes. An employer gathers resumes, performs phone screens, brings in a few people for face to face interviews. They choose a frontrunner, and bring that candidate in for a second interview, and then maybe a third interview. They focus all of their time and energy on that candidate and then they […]

I’m Successfully Employed, Why Should I Work with Delta Diversified?

“Find out what everyone else is doing, and then do the opposite…” This quip seems particularly notable when you examine the way that the masses of professionals approach their career development decisions. Our team has over 150 years of search and placement experience. We know, without question, that the most common response we receive when […]

Job Creation is On the Rise: What’s Your Plan?

We are in the midst of a rapidly improving market where job creation is on the rise. In fact, our economy has seen the best three-month stretch of hiring since 1997. The economy is moving full steam ahead which means hiring just got a lot more competitive. Companies need to be attracting, hiring and retaining the […]

You put WHAT on your Resume? 13 Things to Leave off

What’s NOT on your resume can be just as important to an interviewer as what IS on your resume. More often than not, people have way too much information on their resumes. A lot of this information is irrelevant, does not help make their case and can be removed. Take a look at these 13 […]

Have You Been Thinking about 2015 Goals? Delta Diversified & the ORA Have!

Goals that are not clearly defined, not written down and not committed to are not goals. That’s the message our very own Benjamin Stocum wanted to communicate to the attendees of his Ohio Recruiters Association (ORA) event a couple of weeks ago. Ben is the ORA Cleveland chairperson and recently led a workshop to encourage […]

Interview Legalities: What You Can and Can Not Ask

“How old are you?” “Are you married?” “Have you ever been arrested?” If you have asked any of those questions to a prospective employee before, you have asked them an illegal question. It’s common practice to try to gather as much information about a candidate as possible when holding an interview but questions about ethnicity, […]

Not Satisfied with your Team’s Talent? It’s Time to Team Up with a Recruiter

Do you feel like you’re continuously not that excited about candidates that you interview? Do you feel like you see the same types of candidates over and over again? Maybe you can’t pinpoint the problem but you think there is room to improve? Maybe it’s time to think about hiring a recruiter to help you […]