We Develop Search Professionals

While Delta Diversified is best described as a results-driven professional and executive search firm, we are also in the business of developing people and building teams. Our leadership and team, fosters a culture of continuous performance improvement. We support this culture by developing a “nucleus” of resources/services that every team member can leverage to help them accomplish their professional, personal and financial goals.

Delta's Nucleus

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Foundational Training+-

Structured 6-week online program with facilitation and testing materials to verify retention

Call review and role playing with peers, Producers and Advanced Producers

Formal 15-Day tracking assessment to assure management and trainee expectations are clearly communicated

Semi-weekly practice meetings during which ad hoc training topics are discussed

“Buddy Program” – Trainees are aligned with a guide who has already completed Foundational Training and can help to assimilate into Delta culture

Producer Training+-

(1-2 years of experience)
Weekly breakout meetings supported by on-line content library

Advanced Producer Training+-

(2+ years of experience)
Weekly breakout meetings supported by on-line content library

Industry & Practice Specific Training+-

Practice Leaders direct regular meetings discussing industry developments and practice specific development needs

Individualized Development Planning+-

We complete formal quarterly reviews during which we focus on individualized development opportunities and recommend customized training programs

Paid Membership in Ohio Recuiters Association

Next Level Exchange (NLE)+-

Every team member has access to NLE, which is the best on-line search industry content resource we are aware of

Delta Diversified Training Manual+-

This manual is constantly updated with best-practice approaches on How to Excel in the Search Business

  • Scripts
  • Objection Handling
  • Influence
  • Negotiations
  • Closing

Featured Speakers+-

We are dedicated to the development of our staff. We continually invest in bringing in top speakers for a broader exposure into the industry

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Our entire team structure fosters a leadership culture, but we don’t train people to be leaders. We believe leadership is taken. There are all kinds of opportunities to take leadership responsibilities while working with Delta Diversified. When you take them, we’ll see it and help to develop your approach.

  • Mentoring
  • Committees
  • Opportunity to lead training in peer groups
  • Everyone here started as an Associate! Including the President…

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  • Mission & Vision
  • Open office environment
  • Collaborative and team oriented
  • Transparent and accountable from the top down
  • Focus on excellence rather than perfection
  • Regular company outings/parties
  • Team has a good combination of wisdom, maturity, youth and energy
  • Focus on continuous performance improvement
  • Regular contests and bonus opportunities

Morale Committee (“The MC”):

Peer led committee that focuses on the daily/weekly “vibe” in the office. The MC creates and distributes a quarterly internal newsletter (“The Delta Rhythm”) that highlights individual achievements (both personal and professional), recognizes milestones of team members, provides updates on strategic projects, etc…

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Firm covers all costs associated with recruiting and hiring (more valuable for those interested in building and managing teams)

Demonstrated track-record of identifying, assessing and selecting candidates pre-disposed to be successful in the business

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  • Web based CRM available anywhere with Internet access
  • Phone system with call record features
  • Phone system with full mobility synchronization
  • Conference and Training Room with state of the art multi-media technology and connectivity
  • Retained IT consulting firm
  • Best in class network design with redundancy and failover protection – Office is always ON!

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  • Retained Advertising and Marketing firm
  • Next Level Exchange consultation
  • Structured email marketing campaigns
  • Structured direct mail campaigns
  • Website – SEO/SEM, Google AdWords
  • LinkedIn
  • Case Studies and Whitepapers
  • Videos created for posting and distribution
  • Print marketing material
  • Customized eNewsletters for each practice and search team
  • Guidance and a road map for creating individualized marketing strategies

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  • Payroll
  • Collections