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Not Satisfied with your Team’s Talent? It’s Time to Team Up with a Recruiter

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Do you feel like you’re continuously not that excited about candidates that you interview? Do you feel like you see the same types of candidates over and over again? Maybe you can’t pinpoint the problem but you think there is room to improve? Maybe it’s time to think about hiring a recruiter to help you with your talent search. Why you ask? There are so many reasons. Here are just a couple.

They’ve done this. A lot.

Recruiters keep an ever-changing and growing network of potential candidates. They know exactly who to call and how to position your opportunity to engage and attract the successfully employed candidates that you are really seeking. An experienced recruiter has done this before, a lot! In fact, they probably bring years and years of experience to the table. They have a big picture of the entire job market and the industry that they use to help them attract the very best candidates. While some employees in your company may have hiring experience, more often times than not, they don’t have the type of experience needed for real recruiting. Good recruiters can step in and help.

You aren’t looking in the right place

The truth of the matter is simple. The best candidates just aren’t searching for you. They are successfully employed individuals who aren’t responding to job listings and frankly, aren’t even looking for a new job. This is often the best pool to pull candidates from. We can help. We already know them or can find them.

Need a little more clarification? Check out this short video where we break down why hiring a recruiter might just be the next best thing for your company.

Think you are ready to take the plunge? Delta Diversified would love to help. Call us at 440-996-0841 to learn more about what we do.

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