Building Technologies Candidate List – Q3 2022

StateJob TitleIndustryNumber of Candidates
CAProject ManagerMechanical Systems Contractor1
CASr Account ExecutivePerformance Contracting/Energy Services1
COBAS Sales EngineerBAS Integrator2
COBAS Client Services Project Sales RepresentativeresentativeMEP & BAS Systems Contractor2
COSales EngineerMechanical Systems Contractor2
COSales EngineerBAS Integrator2
COService Sales RepresentativeresentativeMEP Contractor3
CTHVAC Plumbing Project ManagerMechanical Systems Contractor1
CTSenior Project ManagerMechanical Systems Contractor1
DCHVAC Service & Project Sales RepresentativeMechanical Systems Contractor1
GAService Sales RepresentativeresentativeMechanical Systems Contractor1
GAEstimatorMechanical Systems Contractor1
IAHVAC General ManagerMechanical Systems Contractor1
IAHVAC Industrial Project ManagerMechanical Systems Contractor1
ILHVAC Service Account RepresentativeMechanical Systems Contractor1
ILPiping Project ManagerMechanical Systems Contractor1
ILProject ManagerMechanical Systems Contractor1
ILHVAC Design Project EngineerMechanical Systems Contractor1
ILSenior HVAC Sales RepresentativeMechanical Systems Contractor1
ILHVAC Sales RepresentativeMechanical Systems Contractor1
ILBAS Estimator Project ManagerMechanical Systems Contractor1
ILFabrication Sales RepresentativeMechanical Systems Contractor2
KYHVAC EstimatorMechanical Systems Contractor1
KYHVAC Service ManagerMechanical Systems Contractor2
MDHVAC Service General ManagerMechanical Systems Contractor1
MDHVAC Service General ManagerMechanical Systems Contractor1
MIBAS Sales RepresentativeresentativeBAS Integrator1
MIHVAC PM Agreement Sales RepresentativeMechanical Systems Contractor3
MNIndustrial Project ManagerIndustrial Millwright Contractor1
MOControls Engineer/Controls TechnicianBAS Integrator1
MOBAS Sales RepresentativeBAS Integrator1
MOSr Account ExecutivePerformance Contracting/Energy Services1
MOBAS Sales RepresentativeBAS Integrator1
MOProject ManagerMechanical Systems Contractor1
NCProject Manager (Process Piping)Industrial MEP Contractor1
NCSales EngineerBAS Integrator1
NCGeneral ManagerMechanical Systems Contractor1
NCGeneral ManagerMechanical Systems Contractor1
NCGeneral ManagerMechanical Systems Contractor1
NCPresidentMechanical Systems Contractor1
NCProject ManagerMechanical Systems Contractor2
NCProject ManagerIndustrial Mechanical Systems Contractor2
NCVDC Department ManagerMechanical Systems Contractor2
NCHVAC Service General ManagerMEP Contractor2
NCHVAC Project ManagerMechanical Systems Contractor3
NVAccount ExecutiveMechanical Systems Contractor1
NYHVAC Project Sales RepresentativeresentativeMechanical Systems Contractor1
NYBAS Sales RepresentativeBAS Integrator1
NYHVAC EstimatorMechanical Systems Contractor1
OHHVAC Project ManagerMechanical Systems Contractor1
OHBAS/Controls ManagerMechanical Systems Contractor1
OHHVAC Special Projects Sales RepresentativeMechanical Systems Contractor1
OHRegional Sales DirectorMechanical Systems Contractor2
OHHVAC Service Sales RepresentativeMechanical Systems Contractor2
PABAS ProgrammerMechanical Systems Contractor1
PASenior BAS Sales RepresentativeresentativeBAS Integrator1
PABAS Sales RepresentativeMechanical Systems Contractor1
PAHVAC Maintenance Contract Sales RepresentativeMechanical Systems Contractor1
PABAS/Controls Division LeaderMechanical Systems Contractor1
PAHVAC Service Sales RepresentativeMechanical Systems Contractor1
PAHVAC Service Sales RepresentativeMechanical Systems Contractor1
PABAS Sales RepresentativeresentativeMechanical Systems Contractor2
PASr BAS Sales EngineerMechanical Systems Contractor3
PAHVAC Sales RepresentativeMechanical Systems Contractor3
TNSpecial Projects Project ManagerMEP Contractor1
TNSr Account ExecutivePerformance Contracting/Energy Services1
TNSr HVAC Project ManagerMEP Contractor1
TNHVAC EstimatorMechanical Systems Contractor1
TNHVAC Project ManagerMechanical Systems Contractor2
TNHVAC Project ManagerMechanical Systems Contractor6
TXAccount ManagerMEP Contractor1
TXAccount ManagerMEP Contractor1
TXProject ManagerMEP Contractor1
TXBusiness Development ManagerMEP Contractor1
TXSr Account ExecutivePerformance Contracting/Energy Services1
TXProject ManagerMechanical Systems Contractor1
TXBusiness Development ManagerMEP Contractor2
TXBusiness Development ManagerMEP Contractor2
VAAccount ExecutiveMechanical Systems Contractor1
WAControls EngineerBAS Integrator2
WAOperations ManagerHVAC & BAS Systems Contractor2
WAProject ManagerBAS Integrator2
WAProject EngineerBAS Integrator2
WIService DirectorMechanical Systems Contractor1


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