Have You Been Thinking about 2015 Goals? Delta Diversified & the ORA Have!

Have You Been Thinking about 2015 Goals? Delta Diversified & the ORA Have!

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Goals that are not clearly defined, not written down and not committed to are not goals. That’s the message our very own Benjamin Stocum wanted to communicate to the attendees of his Ohio Recruiters Association (ORA) event a couple of weeks ago. Ben is the ORA Cleveland chairperson and recently led a workshop to encourage owners, managers and recruiters to start thinking about and discussing business goals for this year.

Jim Hyde & Benjamin Stocum
Delta Diversified Leadership, Jim Hyde & Benjamin Stocum

Held at the Double Tree hotel, attendees enjoyed a nice lunch and then were split up into teams and asked to discuss a series of questions related to goal setting and planning. Attendees were able to bounce ideas off of each other, make suggestions and at the end of the day, gather a ton of new information from experienced professionals in the same field as them.

Goal Setting Questions

If you haven’t started thinking about 2015 goals yet, now is the time. What are you waiting for?! Here are some questions Ben asked attendees at the workshop that you can answer and analyze on your own:

  • What is my track record of setting and achieving goals?
  • Why have I been successful or unsuccessful in achieving these goals?
  • How can I create an emotional connection to accomplishing the daily activities necessary for me to meet my goals?
  • What distractions do I encounter that prevent execution of my daily plan?
  • How do I respond to daily distractions?
  • What can I do today to reduce daily distractions?
  • How can I better prioritize activities to increase the likelihood of consistency executing my daily plan?

Goal setting can help set the tone for your entire year. A little planning ahead can help you set your business, your team and yourself up for success. Tell us in the comments section below, how do you set and achieve goals within your business? How do you reward yourself and your team when they are achieved?

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