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Your DDI search professional will lead a comprehensive discovery conversation with all key hiring decision makers and other stakeholders in the hiring process.

We seek to answer questions, such as:

  • Why is the opportunity available?
  • Why is the current situation not sustainable?
  • What has already been done to fill the role?
  • What is our client’s unique and compelling value proposition (Company, Role, Team, Long-term Opportunity, Lifestyle and Financial Rewards)?
  • What are the desired candidate profiles?
  • What are the 90/180/365 day expectations for the incoming candidate?
  • What is the desired timeline for a completed placement?

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Speed is critical to search & placement success, but so is accuracy and everyone has to be working towards the same goal in coordination with each other.

Our teams start the execution process internally by holding a kickoff meeting, during which we:

  • Develop and communicate a targeted Search Strategy (DDI Search Team, Geographic Scope, Industry Focus, Target Prospect Titles/Functions, Ideal Candidate Profile, Proposed Source Environment, Target Compensation Range)
  • Brainstorm on strategy execution approaches and immediate networking recommendations
  • Assign specific responsibilities per DDI team member
  • Initiate internal and external research and name gathering
  • Identify benchmark candidate profiles and refine assessment criteria

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This is where the rubber meets the road. DDI understands that value is ultimately produced by our ability to effectively influence high-caliber performers that aren’t actively seeking new jobs. As an organization we invest significant time and energy in recruiting skill development for all of our Associates. As a result, our clients consistently receive truly unique and compelling candidate referrals.

Our approach includes:

  • The application of best-in-class candidate engagement, qualifying, recruiting and closing skills in the process of aggressive execution of our defined Search Strategy
  • Viewing candidate development as a stage-gate process. The candidates we bring to the table are not job applicants. When they enter our pipeline, they are best described as successfully-employed and open minded to compelling opportunities. The Accu-Search™ process includes our direct involvement in the development of all candidates and clients throughout the assessment and selection process. We are continuously bridging communication gaps and identifying key motivators, which results in a more efficient and productive hiring process.

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As long as we are engaged in our Accu-Search™ process, we are attempting to identify EVERY potential source company and EVERY prospective candidate in the geographic marketplace defined in our Search Strategy. We complete a 7-Day Search Audit and a 14-Day Search Audit as quality control measures to:

  • Minimize days-to-placement, which reduces our client’s lost productivity cost from the position remaining unfilled
  • Maximize speed-to-market, which increases the likelihood of securing the best talent in the marketplace
  • Assure comprehensive marketplace coverage, which provides context for our client and puts them in a position to make more educated hiring decisions


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The Accu-Search™ process is data and market driven. While subjective analysis will always exist in some form, our assessments are primarily guided by the talent marketplace itself.

Our Search Scorecard™ is a tool that provides transparency to our clients. This tool illustrates exactly what we have done to solve our client’s problem and what we have found to exist in the marketplace.

Search Scorecard
Date Initiated 4/12/2016
Prospective Candidates Identified 100
Prospects Called/Emailed 80
Total Prospects DDI Spoke With 20
Potential Candidates Referred 3

Additional Feedback: Unique to each search

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As believers in the phrase, “Whatever can be measured, can be improved”, every year we audit all of our candidate placements for the past 3 years and determine the average number of days it required for us to identify and present that candidate to our client.

This number is updated and shared openly to provide another level of transparency to the marketplace. On average, it takes DDI only 15 days to identify and present the candidate that gets hired.

** A small percentage of our placements occur because of unique situations that aren’t representative of the results working through our Accu-Search™ process. Some of these results are excluded from our Days-to-Present calculation.