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More Candidates = More Informed Hiring Decisions

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Here’s how hiring usually goes. An employer gathers resumes, performs phone screens, brings in a few people for face to face interviews. They choose a frontrunner, and bring that candidate in for a second interview, and then maybe a third interview. They focus all of their time and energy on that candidate and then they offer them the job.

Great news if the candidate accepts the job. But, what if the candidate rejects the offer? Then what? Do they try to bring in one of the initial candidates? Do they start over? How much time has elapsed?

We have over 150 years of search and placement experience. As experts in this industry, we know that time is the enemy of successful hiring situations. Our clients are seeing and feeling the war for talent increasing each and every day. More candidates have more options as the job market gets stronger.

How can you shorten the process, and get a better outcome?

Professionals Waiting for an Interview

Bring in every candidate who isn’t completely disqualified for a second, possibly even a third, interview. You may think that this is a waste of time, however, not only will you have qualified backups if your first choice declines your offer but you will also have a more accurate picture of the marketplace to guide your decision.

Some aspects of hiring are out of your control however, this is in your control and can directly and drastically impact your hiring timeline and outcomes. Concurrently talk to as many candidates as possible, you’ll see a dramatic difference and ultimately SAVE time.

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