Packaging Industry - Positions in Demand

Areas of Growth and Positions in Demand in the Packaging Industry

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There are several positions that are integral to the packaging industry that are currently in demand. These areas of growth reflect a healthy, thriving industry.

packaging industry, positions in demand

Structural Designers

In packaging, design continues to be a very important aspect of the industry. Great designers are in demand since innovative design is such an integral part of this business. Structural designers who design the three-dimensional aspect of packaging are increasingly needed. They drive creative problem-solving within the industry so packages look amazing and function just as well. A degree in graphic design or packaging design, and examples of current work are needed for this type of position.

Graphic Designers

Graphic designers are also in demand in the packaging industry. They use their creative skills to design the look and feel of what goes on the package. From color to typography to imagery, graphic designers in the industry know how to make packaging get noticed. Whether they’re meant to evoke tranquility or adventure, designers know how to elevate the look of packaging to the next level. A degree in art or graphic design, along with a current portfolio are needed for this position.

Process Engineers

Another important role in packaging is process engineer. This role is the most integral for packaging manufacturing. The person in this position is responsible for engineering the process of manufacturing. The process engineer maximizes the efficiency of the production. This role normally has a degree in mechanical engineering.

Process Controls Engineers

Additionally, the role of process controls engineer is important and in-demand. This tends to be an entry-level or feeder position for a degreed individual that could then lead to other higher-level positions within the field. The process controls engineer manages the electrical side of the production process.

Research & Development

Lastly, an important role in demand in flexible packaging is for research and development. This role is always looking to innovate, and maximize efficiency. They come up with creative, cutting-edge solutions to packaging needs. They’re looking to meet practical challenges such as protecting the product, while advancing the use of more sustainable materials.

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