Experienced Recruiter

Delta Diversified only exists because our search professionals create high-value trusted relationships that clients and candidates buy in to. It is your skills and your time that produces considerable value for them. Because you are creating so much long term value, clients are happy to compensate you millions of dollars for your service. At Delta Diversified, we must provide services that create long-term value for all of our search professionals… And we do!

What’s so valuable?

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We have a performance-driven culture that elevates people. Our Mission as an organization is to pursue Excellence in our craft, while maintaining an intense focus on fulfilling mutual needs between candidates and employers. Wouldn’t you like to feel more engaged, energized and fulfilled as part of a team that pursues Excellence as the standard?

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We can show full-desk producers with consistent track records of creating 10-50 placements/yr how they can elevate their billings by over 60% without additional work hours. We run an efficient business and we train our teams to do the same. We create teaming structures so you can spend your time in the areas that produce the most income for you, while leveraging the team to complete activities that are necessary, but not high value. (i.e. name gathering calls, research, managing/executing email and voicemail campaigns, prequalifying candidates, search list and prospect list preparation, organizing candidate and marketplace data, etc.) Are you motivated to spend your time on the highest-value activities?

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Delta Diversified is well-engineered financially. We have created lucrative compensation programs, which incentivize behaviors and results that are in line with our Mission, Vision and Life Laws. Would you like more income streams and more wealth generation opportunities?

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We want to expand so more and more people can experience the positive impacts of our involvement in their lives. We are welcoming new leaders who’s values are aligned with ours. We want our leaders to share in the growth and the profitability of the entire firm. Our teaming approach improves efficiency and consistency AND it also builds a more likely succession plan for your practice. Wouldn’t you like to have more people interested in buying your company stock?

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Strong, well-trained teams keep winning even when good players are out of the game. For whatever reason you need to be away from “the desk”, you’ll have peace of mind that client needs can still be serviced by your team.

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