How to Work with a Construction Recruiter

How to Work with a Construction Recruiter

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Partnering with a great recruiter can be the missing link that is keeping your company from winning the war on talent. There are some traits that separate good recruiters from those who are just average. From having an ability to influence and being tech-savvy to being passionate and tenacious, these are just a few of the qualities that are needed in today’s market. Once you’ve found the best recruiter to work with, here are some ways to ensure a successful partnership. how to work with a construction recruiter

  1. Create a clear job description.

    A compelling job listing isn’t overly complicated, but easy to understand. They should have a clear title and speak directly to candidates in a way that creates interest. Recruiters can help you skillfully craft a description that includes the duties of the role and skills that candidates will need to fill the position. Writing the content of a job description should be a collaboration between you and the recruiter with the end-goal of attracting the talented candidates who aren’t out looking for a job.

  2. Showcase your culture.

    Consider what you have to offer new employees. Today’s professionals are looking for a positive work culture to join. Show the recruiter what it’s like to work for your company, as well as what you have to offer regarding benefits, flex time, vacation, etc. Together, you should focus on selling the role, company, and team to prospective candidates.

  3. Timely communication.

    If you want to have a successful partnership with your recruiter, then the key is to keep the lines of communication flowing. Ghosting them will only lead to missing out on some of the best candidates on the market and ruining your reputation. From emailing to text messaging, there are so many convenient methods of exchanging information to keep your recruiter up-to-date. Just remember to always be transparent, clear and to return phone calls promptly.

  4. Be receptive.

    Recruiters are market experts with a diverse set of skills who can make a positive impact on your company’s success. Sometimes it’s difficult to give up control, but don’t hesitate to take their advice. If you’re struggling to land candidates, then chances are that you just need to try a new approach. Recruiters aren’t afraid to take risks if it means getting you the candidate that you need. Heed their direction when they prep you for interviews and be honest when they ask for a debrief after the interview concerning what happened. Don’t hesitate to share any sticking points or potential problems that you noticed.


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