What Not to Put on an HVAC Resume - From an HVAC Recruiter

From an HVAC Recruiter – What Not to Put on an HVAC Resume

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HVAC recruiters know the importance of a well written resume. It is often the first impression potential employers get of you. Your resume is also a strong determining factor in whether you are called for an interview. Yet, knowing what to include in your resume and what to leave out can be challenging. There are differing opinions when it comes to resumes, yet the HVAC recruiters in our firm agree on some basics, including what to omit. From an HVAC recruiter, here’s what not to put on your HVAC resume.

1. Personal Information That is Not Your Contact Information What not to put on your HVAC Resume - from an HVAC recruiter

The only personal information that is important for a resume is your name, email address, and phone number. Your age, birthdate, ethnicity, race, marital status, religion, and political stance are irrelevant. Including this information might even keep you from landing an interview.

2. High School Information

While you can mention you have a high school diploma if that’s the highest degree you have attained, high school information typically isn’t necessary on an HVAC resume, and can even be a distraction. The education section of your resume should focus on your college degrees and/or any certifications that you might have. NATE Certification, HVAC Excellence Certification, and EPA 608 Certification are the most important.

3. Work Experience That Does Not Relate to HVAC

Hiring managers don’t want to read about every job you’ve ever had. Chances are some of these jobs have nothing to do with HVAC. If you have held several similar jobs in the HVAC field, you might want to leave out the oldest jobs, as well. You want the resume to focus on your experiences that are directly related to HVAC, but you don’t want the resume to sound repetitive either. If you are new to the field and your experience is limited, it is a different story. You can include job experiences that are outside of the HVAC field, but you will want to stress the skills you learned during the job that will translate into an HVAC job. If it is something that is completely unrelated to the position you are applying for, leave it out. Employers don’t care if you mowed lawns in high school.

4. Words That Have a Negative Connotation

Resumes are tricky because employees will likely take a different meaning from the words you write than you will. You have to paint yourself in the best possible light without lying or exaggerating. You need to be honest on a resume, but the truth can also backfire. For example, if you don’t have a lot of experience, you don’t actuality want to put that in writing. Instead, list the experience you do have. Choose positive words in your descriptions that accurately reflect your strengths. Using action verbs instead of passive language will also keep the tone of your resume upbeat and positive.

The most important thing to keep in mind is that you want to come across as competent and confident in your HVAC resume. To make a good first impression, you need to emphasize your achievements and not just your ability. Companies need to know you have something positive to offer them.

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