Recruiting Trends: Don't Buy Into These Silver Bullets

Don’t Buy into These Trends About Recruiting

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From self-checkout machines to mobile banking, people don’t have to look very far to find technology working in their daily lives, and in many instances, it’s probably made their lives more convenient. Unfortunately, there are also many downfalls associated with it, especially when it comes to the recruiting niche.recruiting trends

Recruiting Trends: Job Boards and Automation

Some people think that technology will eventually eliminate human recruiters. Numerous companies use job boards and hiring automation software to recruit for building technologies careers. But, it’s important to remember that although tech tools might seem like an easy win at first, there’s nothing that compares to one-on-one human interaction when it comes to engaging with prospective candidates. Here are a few of the other downfalls of hiring technologies:

  • They can lead to impulsive hiring decisions.

    There’s little doubt that hiring automation software and job boards are very convenient for advertising jobs to literally thousands of possible candidates. Yet, hiring managers who rely on this method become overly complacent, and they tend to make impulsive decisions based only on what they can see in a candidate’s online profile. It’s still critical to interact with candidates in person and over the phone when it comes to finding the best candidates.

  • They can lengthen the process.

    If employers want to hire the most qualified candidates, then relying on job boards isn’t the way to go, because they’ll have to sort through a huge cache of responses. Even though some applicants might have the necessary qualifications for your jobs, many of them won’t. In addition, you’re only receiving interest from people who are unemployed or unhappy in their current position. Companies can easily avoid this by partnering with an expert recruiter who will only deliver candidates they have personally vetted and who have the right credentials.

  • They show no real evidence of success.

    Job boards are misleading about their success. Many of them post impressive statistics about numbers of job postings and resumes, and percentages of job seekers who visit, yet few of them are able to show any evidence of job fill rates or retention. Employers continue to invest in job boards without ever knowing if, or when, a hire will be made. Instead of paying for an ad that may or may not ever get noticed, con-sider a building automation recruiter that will proactively reach out on your behalf to exceptional talent.

The bottom line is that it takes a specialty recruiter when it comes to understanding the experience and qualities required for building technologies jobs. Most of the time, those exceptional candidates that you are looking for aren’t visiting online job boards because they are happily employed. So, the best bet you have to reach truly exceptional candidates is by working with a human recruiter.

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