Placement Report
Result Placement
Days to Present Placed Candidate 5
Days to Placement 62
Total Candidates Presented 4
Total Candidates Interviewed by Client 2
Total Prospects DDI Spoke With 11
Dan Kostecki, Director Building Technologies Recruiting
Lead Consultant

Dan Kostecki

Director: Building Technologies

Company Description

Large regional manufacturers representative firm that is building out a service department.

Job Title

HVAC Service/Solutions Sales

How long was client searching prior to our involvement?

2 weeks

Did client have internal recruiting resources?

No, they do not.

Why was this a real problem for the client?

The client is in hyper-growth mode, and they are looking to establish a service footprint in Southern Ohio. They needed to get salespeople in the field as quickly as possible.

How did this opportunity help the candidate?

The candidate felt like there was no growth or income potential in his current role and wanted to expand to a commercial service sales position. He was currently selling residential and light commercial equipment.