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At Delta Diversified, we are committed to investing in our team to foster the growth of our employees and our company. Recently, our management brought in professional speaker, Scott Love, to the Delta office for a couple days to educate and motivate our team. Scott is a world-renowned recruiting and sales expert who shared with us his stories, tactics and experiences in the industry. We each learned something valuable and unique from what Scott had to say. Here are some of our many takeaways:

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Andrew Borrell
I learned that we need to connect the dots many times for our candidates. Many times, we make assumptions that individuals are able to make the difficult decisions we ask them to make on their own when in reality, they need some help. They allow the emotional aspect of making a change outweigh their original reasoning. This often leads to the idea that no change is the easiest route.

Benjamin Stocum
Scott talked a lot about success and your achievement coming down to your ‘burning desire to succeed.’ Influence, resilience and achievement are the basics of our business and we need to train ourselves to stay in a constant state of performance in all areas. After Scott’s lectures I will make sure to get out of the gate each and every day by getting on the phone. I will also encourage our team to use the ‘magic questions:’ 1. Does that make sense? and 2. Are you okay with that?

Chris Cieslak
I loved hearing Scott talk about his ‘daily motivation ritual.’ There were seven steps which included setting goals, using your senses, visualizations, visiting the future and others. Nothing motivates me more on any given morning than picturing myself on a 60 foot yacht lying in the sun. However, you need to reverse-engineer that path to get to the point you want to get to. It takes a lot of hard work and motivation to get there.

Connor McKercher
One of the topics that really stood out to me was regarding an overall change in attitude concerning the work we do for our clients. We are the professionals involved in talent acquisition and closing every single day. We should take pride in the value we can provide to our clients.

Dan Kostecki
The sessions helped me re-evaluate my business as a whole and helped instill a sense of energy and passion for my work moving forward. The discussions allowed me to focus on what I need to do to be more successful.

John Christani
I took away a lot about planning and self-management. Keeping yourself on track is the key to success. You need to be 100% focused in a time when distractions are at an all-time high. Scott’s tips for planning to make calls for an hour at a time and taking a 10 minute break have been keeping me fresh and on-point. I’ve also started to think positively before each call and imagine the best result possible before picking up the phone per Scott’s recommendation.

J.R. Rybak
I loved hearing about the ‘telephone discipline tool.’ Not only keeping track of your contacts but rating calls to assess the selling potential really hit home for me. His suggestion to read something every day (such as a blog or publication) about selling or recruiting is something I will apply to my day-to-day immediately.

Matt Suschak
I liked hearing Scott’s take on self-management, more specifically discipline and time management. He offered some very unique suggestions on how to stay on track, limit interruptions and consistency perform at a higher level. You can have all the skill in the world but without consistency in execution, development and production will be limited.

Shaun Williams
I learned there’s no such thing as time management, just self-management. Time stops for no one. I also learned to focus on mastering things I can control such as my thoughts, words, actions and habits not others thoughts or actions.

Of course we enjoyed some adult beverages after the sessions were over. Cheers to Scott for sharing his knowledge with us!

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