Recap of Delta Events- Q2 2016 - Delta Diversified

Recap of Delta Events- Q2 2016

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NBA Finals – CAVS Won Parade Recap: We were all lucky enough to be given the day off to experience this once in a lifetime event. The majority of the Delta Team was down in the madness.Parade1 Cleveland was shut down! But I guess that’s what 1.3 million people will do to a city.

ORA Spring Conference  –  Benjamin attended the ORA Spring conference in November where they keynote speaker was Danny Cahill. His focus for the talk was around Millenials and how they are flooding into the workforce. The number of millennials in the workforce now outnumbers “baby boomers”. Most of our clients at this point are in the “Baby Boom” generation but they are hiring millennials. Our clients were raised at have worked most of their careers in a time where technology was nothing what it is today. As the search consultant we need to be able to effectively bridge the communication gaps between our clients and candidates because of the differences they have in their social upbringing.

Another topic of discussion focused on today’s advertising efforts. A recent study determined that every person is being bombarded with upwards of 600 different advertisements each day! Our filters are at an all-time high and we need to be aware of that. When talking with candidates and employers we need to have a strong value proposition to break through the barrier that is put up as soon as someone picks up the phone.

Different forms of communication are being used today as well that did not exist when “baby boomers” entered the workforce. Email is the number one form of communication in business today. Texting can also be very effective when trying to get in touch with a candidate and employer. Use the phone to sell, persuade, or communicate a thought process; use email when sending specific content (ie: search scorecards, interview confirmation) and texting to get motion in a process (ie: prompting someone to move forward).

Goal ReachedSO goal for the week of 6/6/2016 – In the beginning of the week Jim had challenged the team to hit 18 send outs by the end of the week and if so, we could take half the day and celebrate. We hit the goal and decided to have a kegger here at the office. It was a special brew selected by Andrew and we grilled out, finished the keg and enjoyed our accomplishment. On that same day, a few Memorial Cookoutwarriors stayed behind, played some poker and competed in some physical challenges. Matt was pretty good at arm wrestling, however Chris destroyed him in a plank contest and took him for $40 dollars.

Pre-memorial day cookout –    The team had achieved another big send out goal and in the spirit of the holiday decided to cookout and enjoy some brews at the office.




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