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Delta Employee Spotlight: George Dise

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George Dise has been with Delta now for roughly 2.5 years and it has been a distinct pleasure the entire ride…seriously! He had some search experience prior to his arrival working for his Dad’s company. He is extremely committed to developing his skill-set. We have seen George transition a number of times since he has been here. He started off like most do in an associate position working in transportation and logistics. He soon moved over to the paper & packaging group where he would grow his roots. He was Delta’s first unofficial Project Manager before the position was even truly defined. He paved the way for some of the improvements and adjustments which were made to that specific job. Here we are a few years in. For the past 2 quarters, George has successfully obtained his own search assignments, executed a thorough search plan, and placed the candidates he recruited! Great work! We look forward to the future and the shenanigans that come with it!

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