Placement Report
Days to Present Placed Candidate1
Days to Placement27
Total Candidates Presented3
Total Candidates Interviewed by Client3
Total Prospects DDI Spoke With22
Andrew Borrell - Vice President and Paper, Packaging & Printing Recruiter
Lead Consultant

Andrew Borrell

Vice President & Practice Leader: Paper & Packaging

Company Description

Privately owned packaging company with two core assets here in OH, including a Corrugated Medium Mill and Corrugated Sheet Feeder Operation.

Job Title

General Manager

How long was client searching prior to our involvement?

2 weeks

Did client have internal recruiting resources?

No, they ask current employees for referrals.

Why was this a real problem for the client?

These sites were a new joint venture between a family with over 40 years’ of Corrugated experience and a leading investment group, also from the industry.  These assets were purchased out of bankruptcy and they needed an individual with an equal level of knowledge in mill and sheet feeder operations, to help get the facility performing at the level they believe it is capable of, and to allow further investment in the business.

How did this opportunity help the candidate?

This particular candidate is able to utilize his skillset in both the mill and sheet feeder sides of the business. His background is very strong in operations with a core focus of continuous improvement which he will now be able to utilize in one organization.