When you have a critically important role to fill in your organization and it is necessary to secure the best possible executive for the position, retained search is the approach most likely to be successful. By retaining a Delta Diversified, Inc. recruiting consultant, you will be receiving dedicated recruiting, researching and administrative resources for the full lifecycle of the search. We will participate in role definition, provide insights and competitive intelligence throughout the process, provide compensation surveys and talent benchmarking assessments, assist in candidate assessment and assist in offer preparation, negotiation and closing.

Once retained to deliver executive search services, a Delta Diversified, Inc. consultant will apply a rigorous recruitment process on each assignment which creates a clear set of accountabilities and milestones throughout the project. By consistently applying the following process to each search assignment, we have achieved industry leading search completion and placement rates.

Milestone #1

After 48 hours, we will:

  • Develop a detailed Search Strategy (define recruiting teams, identify geographic scope, define a list of top source companies, create a list of qualifying questions for prospects, develop a list of “known” prospects and/or sources for immediate outreach)

Milestone #2

Within 1 week, we will have:

  • A search initiation and kickoff meeting with the entire search team
  • Developed a detailed and persuasive Position Profile based on our client site discovery work
  • Review the research environment and recruiting strategy

Milestone #3

After 2 weeks, we will have:

  • Presented 2 potential benchmark candidates
  • Spoken with 20 prospects and sources
  • A full search team review meeting
  • Refined our search based on clients point-of-view of benchmark backgrounds

Milestone #4

Within 40 days, we will have:

  • Presented 3 candidates to client
  • Completed preliminary interviews with at least 5 prospective candidates
  • Spoken with at least 50% of targeted prospects and sources

Milestone #5

Within 75 days, we will have:

  • Delivered 2 hirable candidates
  • Delivered 2 backup candidates
  • Spoken with 80-90% of targeted research environment

Note: Successful search execution can be driven by a Delta Diversified, Inc. consultant, but also requires active client participation throughout the process. As we hold ourselves accountable for the deliverables outlined above, it is also essential that our clients make themselves available for interviews and provide timely, relevant feedback so we can continuously refine our search. Delta Diversified, Inc. strives for 100% client satisfaction, regardless of the challenges posed by any particular search project.