Placement Report
Days to Present Placed Candidate1
Days to Placement9
Total Candidates Presented1
Total Candidates Interviewed by Client1
Total Prospects DDI Spoke With25
John “JR” Rybak, Vice President and Building Technologies Recruiter
Lead Consultant

John “JR” Rybak

Vice President

Company Description

Mechanical contractor specializing in building and mechanical service as well as building automation

Job Title

Service Sales Representative

How long was client searching prior to our involvement?

30 Days

Did client have internal recruiting resources?


Why was this a real problem for the client?

The client was in dire need of a service sales rep within the area. This candidate worked within a similar space, although much more competitive. The candidate knew the market and the clientele, so his knowledge was easily transferable from his prior employer.

How did this opportunity help the candidate?

The candidate's former employer was no longer committed to servicing the projects that he was selling. They were dropping the ball on numerous accounts, as well as no longer bidding competitively on projects.