Placement Report
Days to Present Placed Candidate3
Days to Placement29
Total Candidates Presented6
Total Candidates Interviewed by Client4
Total Prospects DDI Spoke With18

Company Description

$25 Million Independent Corrugated Manufacturer

Job Title

Plant Manager

How long was client searching prior to our involvement?

Less than a week

Did client have internal recruiting resources?

Yes, but not focused on experienced salaried positions.

Why was this a real problem for the client?

Our client is an independently owned company with a highly ambitious ownership group.  They have gone through major change and re-investment in the past five years, and needed a production leader who could serve as a member of the plant’s leadership team, who could drive continuing change within the organization and help achieve their long term goals.

How did this opportunity help the candidate?

The candidate had spent several years working throughout the Midwest in various roles with much larger independents and fully-integrated public companies, but had grown up in Northeast Ohio. This role gave him the opportunity to have more influence over a smaller organization, while living closer to family in the Cleveland area.