Placement Report
Days to Present Placed Candidate3
Days to Placement35
Total Candidates Presented3
Total Candidates Interviewed by Client2
Total Prospects DDI Spoke With29
Conner McKercher, Practice Leader and Andrew Borrell - Vice President and Paper, Packaging & Printing Recruiter
Lead Consultant

Connor McKercher

Practice Leader: Paper & Flexible Packaging

Company Description

Independent Corrugated High Graphic Sheet Plant

Job Title

Customer Service Representative

How long was client searching prior to our involvement?

2 weeks

Did client have internal recruiting resources?

Their HR Manager had some recruiting skill

Why was this a real problem for the client?

Our employer had recently lost their two senior customer service team members due to relocations elsewhere.  They already had headcount approval to hire 1 and this added to the problem as well.  If these roles would have been open for too long, the pile up of extra work could have led to resignations or unhappy employees in general.  Our employer had posted a job ad where they received a decent number of resumes but none of the candidates had industry experience.  They knew their competition but had no idea how to get to them.

How did this opportunity help the candidate?

The candidate we placed was working for a much larger corrugated manufacturer for the past 2 years right out of school. Although she worked on a team, there wasn’t much cohesion. She really hit it off with the Customer Service Manager and team members employed by my client. She saw this as an opportunity to make a different kind of impact at a more customer focused independent.